Sunday, 12 March 2017

About to ruin these two

When I find a song I love it's on repeat until I get sick of them. A bit of an anoying little habbit, buuut I just can't help it. Last week I found 2 new songs (which is great so It takes just a bit longer for me to leave them for a while.)

These got pretty sad lyrics but still think they're so so pretty and perfect listen to when in a chill mood on a Sunday night.  Enjoy <3

xxx Birgitte Isabelle

Tuesday, 7 March 2017

Brewing Kombucha

It doesn't get much more hipster than this...!

If you haven't heard about it before, Kombucha is fermented green tea that's like a magic brew for your body that also tastes super good (once infused with berries at least ;) ) You can buy them in wholefoods shops or if you can get your hands on a "scoby" you can make it super cheap and easy yourself just like I do. I'm on my third brew now!

I got my scoby from my bestie when she came to visit me last month but I think there's a lot of forums online where you can find people that sends their scobys - or "Kombucha baby" that many call them. Which sounded totally inappropriate when we where at Nespresso and she blurted out loud "I've got your baby in my suitcase".. hah.

xxx Birgitte Isabelle

Monday, 23 January 2017

Coat and butterflies

This season I've downgraded my 6 year old SVEA parkas to be used for walking miss Furry and bought a way cheaper one from Mango,  and also way more chic (In my eyes at least) for everyday life. And I do use it EVERYday these days. Was surprisingly warm the other day when I shot these pictures, but now it't back to "dress up like an eskimo" cold.  And do you like my little butterfly pin? Found it in my own jewelry box. Was my Grandmas which she gave to me once, just never ever worn it. Which is kind of weird as I'm obsessed about butterflies in general. They're so stunning and delicate

Hope you're having a great start to the week! I'm still living on my weekend, which may even become the best weekend of the year. Concert, bestie from out of town, pizzanight, coffeeshop, and a whole day at a massive SPA! I mean. How much more perfect can a short weekend get!? Thankful!!

xxx Birgitte Isabelle

Wednesday, 18 January 2017

Ginger magic!

Soup and now gingershot.. Safe to say it's mid winter! All the streets is like an ice-rink and I can inform that my boots slides just as well as any skates. Ice-rink experience 2017: Check. Thropy: massive artwork on my kne.

Winter doesn't just come with exciting ice-rink experiences but also with a bunch of soar throats which is why this gingershot is like heaven sent. If I feel just a tiny bit of a sore throat I reach for one of these. You can buy them at different places but it's super easy to make yourself too. When I had a juicer I would just juice a large chunk of ginger together with lemon but since I now don't I've managed to make one that still works like magic.

1 Lemon
Applejuice (if you like too make it sweeter)
Grounded Ginger
Grounded Tumeric
Grounded Chilli

Do this 
Get a little glas and hand press a whole lemon in to it and add some apple juice too if you'd like.
For the ginger and the tumeric I never really measure but I think I use about a half of a teaspoon of each (maybe even a bit more of the ginger) and stir it in with the lemon juice.
At last i like to sprinkle a tiny bit of chili on the top! Then just get it all down. If it really burns you've used just enough ginger! ;)

xxx Birgitte Isabelle

Friday, 13 January 2017

I've found gold

I did a sneaky little purchase. I'm always on the hunt for things for the apartment but usually I'm pretty really good at finding stuff thats waaaay over my budget. (Just have a peak at my pintrest wishlist and you'll see what I mean) but THIS time I managed to find a bargain at H&M. 90NOK is even cheap for a students budget! I would prefer it to be a size bigger, but I'm really pleased anyway!

It has almost become like new year tradition to get a new cushion for my sofa. I always feel the need for a little bit of change in my livingroom when a new year has started and cushions are absolutly the cheapes (can be!) and easiest way to make a totally new look!

Let's just hope roomie loves it too! And how about you?

xxx Birgitte Isabelle

Monday, 9 January 2017

Not so mean but green

During christmas week During the whole month of December this was probably the healthiest and lightest dinner I ate. Which is actually crazy to be me. I like my chocolate(s) and indulge in them (too) often but meals I like to keep all nice and healthy. So I'm back in my game and had soup every day for dinner last week actually. My body (jeans) were begging for it!

 I had this during Christmas made by my food-guru/aunt and had to re-create it myself with a bit of help through iMessage. It looks super green and "scary" but it taste basically the same as a basic cauliflower soup, just green and healthier.

1 Cauliflower
1/4 Broccoli
3 Cubes of frozen spinach
1 Chopped onion
8dl Water with 2 cubes of chicken stock
2dl Milk
1/2 tsp nutmeg
Salt & pepper to taste

Bring the milk and stock to boil and add the onion, nutmeg and "chopped" up Cauliflower. When the cauliflower is all soft you add the broccoli and spinach. I like to take out some of the boiled cauliflower for garnish before I blend it all together with a hand mixer. If it's too thick after blending you simply just add some water :) ENYOJ!

xxx Birgitte Isabelle

Saturday, 7 January 2017

The Coffeetable book you want to read

The longest headline ever?  But this book though, you DO want to read it!

Like I do with wine, I get my Coffeetable books by the look of it's cover. (But thats OK as a graphic designer student right?? right??  ) And since that's basically my only motivation to get them, I hardly ever read them. I flick through them but don't read them. (Am I the only one?).

But as I flicked through this one (which I got for my birthday from some of my girls! hi there! ;) ) I started reading it, and couldn't stop reading. I started on the LOVE chapter (as you do as a hopeless romantic) and laughed out loud for my self almost through the whole chapter. The whole book is funny, honest, motivational and really inspiring.

Love, Style, Life - written by Garance Dorè! This one you can get for its inside and then lay it on your coffee table to just look pretty afterwards! Win Win!

xxx Birgitte Isabelle